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WOW ... we are getting there

What a great rehearsal - a lot of 'slogging' but we are on our way. We have a great start on the repertoire for Christmas and I am so pleased with the efforts everyone is making to keep up. I know it is a really great challenge for many of you and you are doing so well. Thanks everyone for your cooperation with Jim while taking pictures. I didn't even know he was taking them. I will make a secure page for you so that you can refer to them when you are trying to remember someones name.

In my summary this week I'll list what we have learned (and need to keep reviewing) and what is left.

1. Irving Berlin's Christmas - this week we worked on Snow - measures 99 -120. Four bars (99-103) are really difficult but you can do it. (Listen, listen, listen). We also learned measures 145 - 166.

At other rehearsals, we learned pages 5 - 12.

So what's left -Measures 10 -26; 122-140;168 -194

2. Yuletide sing-a-long #2 - This week we worked on measures 127 - the end.

We have learned all of the notes for the entire piece - way to go ! now we just have to keep reviewing it.

3. Do you hear what I hear - we can now sing from the beginning to page2 bars before letter G. Whats left? - letter G to the end. - just 25 measures.

4. The First Snow - this week we learned measures 20 - 40. careful about the tuning. We need to review the men's part at measure 37. What's left? - review review review and now we can make music.

5. Amen!Tell it on the mountain - we have learned all of the parts - now review, review, review

6. Carol of the Bells - we have learned all of the parts - now review, review, review

7. Yuletide sing-a-long #1 - we have learned Letter A. This week we will learn letter B and C. With any luck we might get letter E as well. For the church choir people, if you have sung these carols, you might recognize the parts as written. What's left - letter B - to the end.

8. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - We have learned measures -8 - top of page 5.

This week we will review measures 34 -61. What's left - measures 62 - the end,

9. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - the entire piece which we learned last year - so we will need to review the parts.

What does all of this mean - we are in very good shape - with five rehearsals left. I think I will sleep well tonight.

Enjoy your week everyone!!! and thank you.


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