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We are doing sooooo well...

This has been such a busy week and so I'm behind in completing this blog.

I begin by extending a big thank you to those of you who were at our sing out on Wednesday. We did a great job. I noticed the audience was larger than in the past. I think the earlier start time may be working in our favour. There were many happy faces and they particularly liked the sing along. Big thanks to Paul H. for jumping in and carrying the part in The Night is Young.

To all of you who were able to make it on Tuesday, thanks for a wonderful rehearsal. You continue to honour me, by your hard work and dedication. It spurs me on to continue learning and working to do the best I can for all of you.

Here's a summary of Tuesday's rehearsal

1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - review measure 8 - 22 - we got the four parts (keep listening and reviewing)

This week - we will finish measures 32 -61. Please try to listen to this section.

2. Amen - tell it on the mountain - we have been through all of the parts. Now we need to make music. Please continue to listen to your parts - don't sing, just listen!

3. The First Snow - - what a lovely piece of music. It is so suited to your voices. We have completed the whole piece. I will review measures 30 - 40 this week just to be sure.

4. Do You Hear What I Hear - - we have learned letter A and B . Please listen and be careful to sing your part accurately.

This week we will sing letter C and D

AND we reviewed all of the material for our Singout - WOW - your are amazing.

So this Monday, in addition to the above - we will work on Irving Berlin - Snow measures 99 - 120.

White Christmas - measure 145 -160

- Finish - Yuletide singalong #2 - please review from Letter B - Letter K. If you can read through Letter L , we will be sailing..

SIX rehearsal to learn what's left. We are doing really well. I'm sitting here writing to you and getting excited about what can be.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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