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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

FYI - we have 17 singers attending the singout on Wednesday.

Another great rehearsal this week. We have 7 rehearsals (13 hours) left to learn all of the music. Here's what we did.

1. sang 14 bars of It's Beginning to look a lot Like Christmas - measures 8 - 22. If we can sing these 8 bars in 4 parts this week, then we will look at measures 32 - 41 and measures 46 - 49 (it's in 2 parts). I am really hoping to sing this piece with the written harmonies mostly for our own challenge.

2. Good work everyone on Amen/Tell It on the Mountain. - we have learned all but the last page. Good work. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,- review your parts as accurately as possible. Remember you will learn more by listening and looking than you will by singing. Here's a full version of the song. I think you can do an even more enthusiastic presentation of the piece. Imagine it with drums and bass added to Trudy's magic fingers. I hope next Tuesday we can sing this all the way through.

3. The First Snow - Isn't this a lovely piece. It's very difficult to deliver well, but I somehow think it will become a favourite.

We have learned measure 5 - 20. The challenge is to be able to sing the phrases without breaking them up. It is very soft so it takes that special control of the breath. I hope we will be able to go on and learn measures 21 -29 and 41 - 58.

4. Yuletime singalong #2 - good work folks. We have learned Rudolph, Santa Claus is coming and forgotten some of Jingle Bell Rock. - please remember - listen, listen, listen. (while your stuffing the turkey, maybe ?)

5. We did not review any of Irving Belin's Christmas or Carol of the Bells. ( we won't get to it next week likely because of the sing along.- so please review the material from last week if you can.)

Next week we have to review the pieces for our sing out so we won't have as much time to spend on Christmas. That means there will be 6 rehearsals to finish everything.

Here's the program

1. Gonna Build a Mountain

2. The Night is Young

3. How Can I Keep from Singing

Sing a-long #

4. I Can't Help Falling in Love (Jazz)

5. Come Fly With Me

Sing a-long #

6. Soon and Very Soon

7. Shine on Silver Moon

8. Rhythm of Life.

Have a great holiday everyone and Happy Oktoberfest too!


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