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Time is flying by

I can't believe that it's the end of September. Where is the time going?

There are 8 Mondays left until our concert with the Waterloo Band. WOW !!!

We got a lot done this week. But a lot more is to come. Thank you all for your continued dedication and attention. You continue to impress me with your effort and with your sound.

Here's a little summary of what we did this week. If you come with this material learned, we can just click right along and have all of our music learned in 5 Mondays with 3 left to review. (Am I dreaming?)

Week of Sept26

1. Carol of the Bells - complete - take great care to be accurate and learn your complete part from beginning to end. Now we must sound like bells and make music.

2. Next week we will start on The First Snow. Here is a website where you can listen to the piece with you music. Try to mark all of the repetitions you see and hear. This helps you learn it faster.

3. Amen/Tell it on the Mountain - We should be able to sing from measure 29 - measure 55 accurately and with meaning. Then go back to the beginning and review the first 28 measures. This week, we are going to finish this piece right to the end.

4. Rudolph - Yuletide Sing-a-long volume 2 - we have learned all of this. Next is Santa Claus is coming to Town.

5. Irving Berlin -measure 31 - I've Got My Love to Keep Me warm - ending with measure 65. You did a good job on this - so please don't forget it. Lots of review for this section and Count your Blessings. Next week we will start the most difficult section of the work - Snow! m3asure 99-

6. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - look at your music this week - the sections I am most concerned about are - measures8 - 11 - tenor and bass (measures 18 and 19 are the same) measure 21 - 23 - check bass, tenor and alto-.

7. We will start Do You hear What I Hear this week as well . (I Hope)

Have a great week everyone. Remember Listening is more important than singing. Always be sure you can hear your part as you look at the score.

See you Monday.


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