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What a great day!

Thanks everyone for your focus and attention at our rehearsal. You have some wonderful sound and it will get stronger and even more exciting as we become more familiar with the music.

There are now 10 rehearsals until our big concerts. ( Hmmm- I'm going to have to start my Christmas shopping soon;-)

My favourite moment yesterday was definitely the end of Gonna Build a Mountain. - there was real excitement. What fun!!!

For those of you working on your music between rehearsals here's an outline of what we have already worked on.

Amen/Tell it on the Mountain - yesterday we focused on measures 21 -28 and then went back and reviewed the beginning section. If you are listening and looking ahead, next week we will be doing 29 - 61.

Jingle Bell Rock - letter J - measures 103 - 110 and then reviewed from Letter I to end of J. This week we have to learn Rudolph - Letter B through to E.

Irving Berlin's Christmas - reviewed Count your Blessings - measures 75 - 97. Next rehearsal we must get through I've Got My love to keep me warm - measures 33 - 67.

Next week we must also look at Carol of the Bells.

Let's hope this wonderful weather continues - have a great week everyone. I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Just a reminder - I'll start voice checking the sopranos next week.


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