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Welcome Back

What a great first rehearsal. Welcome to all of our new members. We hope your experience with us is a rewarding one. I am thrilled to see so many of you returning, welcome back. From the looks of things, we should be about 90 members this year when the dust settles. We really need men and altos , so if you have any friends from you bridge club or church choir please bring them along very soon. There are 11 rehearsals until your first Christmas concert. - about 8 altos urgently needed, 4 tenors and 5 basses. That would balance the choir.

As I mentioned, there are recordings of all of the parts for the Christmas music. You can obtain the recordings from Charlene Janes. ( Please send her an e-mail and tell her what voice you sing and what piece(s) you want. If you need a CD, you must contact her and order one. She will make it for you. Taking care of this is very time consuming, so PLEASE be specific and accurate in your request.

Here is the music we worked on at Mondays rehearsal - I hope we don't have to relearn it this week. We need to move on.

Amen!Tell it on the mountain - Measures 5 - 36. Pages 2-6

Irving Berlin's Christmas - Page 10 - 12 - measures 73- 96

Hallelujah - measures 3 - 12 - eighth notes = ti and quarter and tied notes = ta.

Remember this is about rhythmic accuracy.

Jingle Bell Rock - Rehearsal cue I - measures 87 - 101

Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Verses 1 and 2. (Sopranos - you rocked!!! --- altos, tenors and basses were amazing too. )

When using the recordings, please listen and follow carefully WITHOUT singing. Let your ears and eyes do the work. When you do sing, use a neutral syllable quietly in order to hear if you are singing the same notes.

From what I heard on Monday, this is going to be a wonderful season with some really great and beautiful sound. I am very excited to see what we can accomplish. Remember, "practise may not make it perfect, but it does make it possible"

Have a great week everyone.


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