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Outstanding rehearsal

Thanks everyone. Monday was really fun. I am so hopeful for a wonderful concert on Sunday.

You have worked very hard and deserve to be heard.

I hope you will continue to review those "trouble spots" and treat your voice with care between now and Sunday.

Just a few important details :

Marilyn is still looking for help as ushers and ticket sellers and someone to check the parking lot. PLEASE drop her an e-mail and let her know if your spouse, child, friend etc. can help out. Don't assume she knows - it's really hard to make plans when people don't communicate.

-Please do not leave valuables (purses etc) unattended anywhere in the church. Either lock them in your trunks or give them to someone in the audience.

-Don't forget a water bottle (not metal). Also a little snack might be in order if you are prone to low blood sugar. Gotta keep that energy up. There is a 30 minute break between warm-up and concert time.

-Tell your guests that the sanctuary will be open at 2:30 pm. No one will be allowed in before that time, so that we can all warm-up and do what we need to do without distractions.

- We have sold 509 tickets. Well done everyone. There is room for 141 more. ( We save 100 seats for you and the chamber choir). Let's put a final push on to fill the church. It's always fun to sing for a full house and it will really help our budget.

I hope everyone is looking forward to Sunday. If you convey your enthusiasm to the audience - they will enjoy your music and it will be a perfect day. Please remember, you are conveying a message to the listener. This isn't just notes and words, it's your 'whole person' that get's the message across.

See you all on Sunday - set-up people at 12:30 (could use a few extra) and rest of the choir ready to sing at 1:20. Remember to park at St. Davids.



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