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Ready for a great concert - but first...

We are just about ready for our concert.

There are 3 things that can be better

There are recordings of all of the music on the recordings page - Please use them to help review.

1. Shine on Silver Moon

- needs to flow - this means we must be really familiar with the words.

2. Keep Your Lamps - the words must be clear and you must really work to convey the message

and the historical perspective of the piece.

3. Rhythm of Life - almost!!!

for some reason many sopranos stop singing at letter H and it's repeat - I haven't been able

to figure out why, so I can't offer a solution for you. Please mark this in your score.

4. Soon and Very Soon - the tenor section on the last 2 pages is really important. It wasn't there on

Wednesday - not sure what happened.

5. Remember the change to the end of Get Happy.

Everything else - including Get Happy (Hooray!!) is in pretty good shape - so way to go everyone.

Here's the concert order

1. Get Happy

2. How Can I Keep from Singing

3. Shine on Silver Moon

4. Breathing with Beethoven

5. Soon and Very Soon

NoteWorthy Singers sits in the audience


6. Can't Help Falling in Love

7. Come Fly With Me

8. Sir Duke

Jazz sits in audience

Waterloo Region District School Board Chamber Choir

9. Gonna Build a Mountain

10. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

11. The Night is Young

12. Old Time Rock and Roll

13. Rhythm of Life

14. What a Wonderful World

I'm hoping to start at 12:45 on Monday - every minute will count. If you hum low notes on the way to practise, that also would be helpful.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone - it's lookin' good out there.


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