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We're building that mountain

Thank you for the wonderful turnout at the Emmanuel singout. A little crowded, a little warm, but full of enthusiasm and a very happy audience.

Believe it or not, we have now performed all of the pieces that we will be singing at the concert.

I'm sure each of you have already check the music to review the parts that you weren't sure of. (I know Shelagh - bad grammar!!!)

The first thing I did when I got home was to study the opening of Breathing with Beethoven - sorry everyone - my brain was in a different place. I'll get it right next time.

I continue to be motivated and grateful for your dedication and passion. You continually challenge me and that keeps me young ;-). Here are some suggestions to keep you amused this week that might help enhance our performance.

1. GONNA BUILD A MOUNTAIN - sing it just the way you did today - exciting and inviting. I'm sure the heart-rates were in sync on this one.

2. THE NIGHT IS YOUNG - please look at the notes - hummed parts and listen to the recording on the web-site. Awesome chorus and Congrats to the small group. -

3. LIsten to SHINE ON SILVER MOON at least once everyday. It has a great deal of room for improvement and I really want you to perform it at the concert . There is a most beautiful recording of this on the web-site. PLEASE listen to it ( put it in the car and drive around the perimeter of Waterloo county - by the time you do this you will have it ). OR - Listen, listen, listen.

4. HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING - words, words, and men please Please PLEASE sing the harmony parts. It's is really a beautiful piece when all of the parts are there.

5. SOON AND VERY SOON - convince me!!! - please review the words on page 7 (over and over)

6. OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLLl - it's all about the words! and the FUN

7. RHYTHM OF LIFE - WORDS ladies at letter H - need I say more?

8. BREATHING WITH BEETHOVEN - it's all about the words - there are three mature individuals singing it in parts on the web-site - or search it on you-tube - there are a couple of a childrens/youth choirs singing iit. Except for the men - "seeng the altos dead" the parts won't matter too much. Its the words and staying with me.

9. GET HAPPY - I am almost certain that the reason this isn't working is because it isn't being sung together. You have to tap the beat and the beat must be with me. I noticed yesterday that when you got to the swing section you were right on the mark for a page or two and then the choirs attention left me and you wandered off on your own. When you are listening to this, please don't sing along just tap the beat and feel the music inside. Then, if you do sing along, do so quietly so that you can hear and feel the beat.

10. KEEP YOUR LAMPS TRIMMED AND BURNING - it's all about the meaning.

I'm looking forward to our next rehearsal to hear the results of all of your hard work. Have a great weekend everyone.


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