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3 more rehearsals

What an intense rehearsal! I was exhausted on Monday. Let's hope it sticks and we remember everything for this weeks rehearsal.

Again I say thanks for your attention and efforts.

I've been working on next Monday's rehearsal and I'm going to share it with you in the hope that you might look ahead and try to review some of the things we will be working on, just to save time.

I know you are all very busy and it's asking a lot, but please try to review at least some of the following.

Here's my list

1. Gonna Build a Mountain - review your notes for the entire piece. Sopranos - look at page 9 - When you sang it on Wednesday, you completely died out in the first 4 measures at letter E. I can't stress how important it is that this be very strong.

2. Get Happy - Listen very carefully for the syncoations - singing the notes between the beat. It is correct on the recordings.

3. The night is Young - really pay attention to page 4 - everything will be sung to "oo". Then ladies please be sure you can sing page 6. - sopranos if there are 3 notes, use the middle one.

Page 8 - everyone - please study the notes carefully - it's very similar (but not exactly the same as page 4)

4. Old Time Rock and Roll - review the parts on page 4 - measure 20-27. Men - the whole song will depend on your solo in the middle so please be sure you can sing it loud and strong.

5. Rhythm of Life - review the entire piece - be sure to mark any spots you are not sure of so that we can review it on Monday.

6. Londonderry Air - please review your parts.- it must be as smooth as possible.

7. Soon and very soon - all of it - basses - page 10 - needs to be really strong.

8. Beethoven - some changes - page 1 and 2 will be in 3 parts.

page 6 measure 32 -we will sing in unison.

page 7 - measure 40 - we sing in unison - PLEASE be sure you know

the words

9. What a wonderful world - review your parts. and the signs.- it's all on the web

10. How can I keep from singing - as much as possible from memory.

11. Keep your lamps - review your parts several times. - remember - page measure 26 - first time all women on soprano line. Second time in 3 parts. Think carefully about the message and how to convey it when you sing.

Thanks everyone. Have a great week.


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