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Four more rehearsal

I didn't realize on Monday how quickly the concert is catching up to us. There are four rehearsals left.

Your continued efforts are resulting is growth every week. Now we just have to finish Shine on Silver Moon, The Night is Yound and Breathin with Beethoven. That will be the goal on Monday. I know it is Coffee day, but I will probably go until 2:50. Every minute counts and what I don't get done this Monday, I will have to leave until next year in order to have the other pieces ready for the April 30.

Please be prepare to stay a little longer for the next few rehearsals just so we can get through everything.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it on Wednesday. It was good to hear you singing the new repertoire. Hopefully next singout, we can do the rest.

I can't remind you enough about singing the message and communicating with your listener.

I hope you are all selling tickets. If you remember, it is a really big church and we don't want to sing to an empty room.

There's some food for thought (and hopefully action) posted below. Take a look at it. It might be helpful.

Have a Happy Easter everyone. See you on Monday.


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