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Feel the Music

What a great day on Monday. Beautiful and enthusiastic sound. Thank you.

And today is warm with a hint of sun. Life is good.

And I opened my window and stood at my computer and figured out how to post the MP3 file of Shine on Silver Moon on this blog page. Give it a listen as you are reading. What a beautiful piece and I truly believe you will sing it just as beautifully as those on this recording.

Just a couple of reminders - you will notice that there are 3 performances at the end of March and beginning of April that are very close together (one is the make-up for Emmanuel). I'm sorry they are so close but as always I know those who are available will be there. This will give us a chance to perform all of our new music a few times before the concert and to give new members some experience before "Our Spring Sing".

Please remember to fill out the sign up sheet.

Last week I mentioned one thing to do to help learn your music, by suggesting ways to work with the text.

Here's something else you can do -

Listen to a recording. We live in a time of unbelievable access to recordings. Find them. Listen to more than one recording and compare them until you find one or two you really like. Follow along with your score. Listen while paying attention to all of the parts. Listen while paying attention to just your part. Listen while paying to paying attention to the musical things the singers do.

You can find good and not so good recordings on you-tube and by going directly to the publishers web sites. I've put a couple on this blog page and will add others as I have time to find them.

This is such an exciting time. Concert is just 7 weeks away.

Have a great week.


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