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The joy of rehearsing

It was so nice to be able to visit with a few of you this week. It's too bad that rehearsals are so busy and don't allow much time to get to know one another socially, but it's really nice to see so many of you take advantage of our "coffee days". Building community is such a big part of creating great music. A very big thank you to Sue for her organization of these days. Your efforts are really appreciated.

And what a great rehearsal again. Your efforts and commitment continue to inspire me and make we want to learn and do as much as I can to create the special experience that is "choral singing".

Everyone can do something to help improve there contribution each week - even those who don't read music.

Here's a suggestion.

Start with the text. Make sure you know what you are singing. Think about the text. How would you sing the text to enhance the meaning. Do you know who wrote the lyrics and why? Can you put the piece into historical context? Are there some tongue twisters that you need to go over a few times. How does the text relate to you? Could you paraphrase the story?

Remember choral singing is communication. There is a message in a song that has text. The more we focus on the text the better the communication.

Here's a treat for you - a beautiful recording of Shine onSilver Moon.

Go to this web-site.

Scroll down to the song title - Shine on Silver Moon. Click

It will take you to the sound cloud. ENJOY

I can hardly wait till next Monday. We are going to work on Shine on Silver Moon and The Night is Young among other pieces.


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