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What a wonderful world

Another great day! Thank you.

We now have four new pieces that we should be able to sing in public. Gonna Build a Mountain, Ol Time Rock n Roll, Soon and Very Soon and Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning. Wow what an accomplishment. If we have the words and notes under our belt then we have lots of time to make it musical. I am so pleased.

What it means for you, is to keep working to get all of the words under control.

Read them our loud in the correct rhythm.

And you even began to sign. What a wonderful world is going to be the showstopper.

Here's the you-tube page that I am using to learn the signs,

Don't be afraid to just concentrate on the "big words" at first. We will practise it at rehearsal as well so I'm sure you will do a great job.

AND the first verse of How Can I Keep From Singing is almost memorized. (Men need to finesse the second line ;-) yes I did hear the flub of your first two words)

And don't forget to check the front page for the singout rep.

BTW we have 25 singers for the February singout at Emmanuel.

Have a great week.


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