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And History is Made

It's so nice to come home from rehearsal with such a good feeling. You are making some really lovely sound and maintaining your enthusiasm for the music. We've been through most of the music that we will sing at the concert and it promises to be a really fun and entertaining afternoon.

AND we had a historic attendance this week. Out of 92 people, there were 5 absentees (5.4%)

That is the best attendance of any concert, singout or rehearsal we have had since we became the NoteWorthy Singers. If we continue with that kind of attendance, I am REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLY!!!!!!!! excited about the kind of sound we can make. Thank you everyone.

We have a singout coming up on January 27. We will sing mostly last years repertoire with the addition (I hope) of Soon and Very Soon and Gonna Build a Mountain. I will post the whole program on the front page in the next few days. New members need not worry about this sing out. You are very welome to come and listen, and I will have you sing at the February sing out.

If you are attending on Jan 27. please sign-up on the sheets that Joan is providing. We need a sense of the number of people attending.

For those who are reviewing their music from rehearsal - and I continue to beg all of you to do so- here's a summary of what we did this week,

Old Time Rock and Roll - pages 2,3 and 4. If you have a good command of the words, the music will easily fall into place. Please be sure to mark measures 21, 23, 25 and 27. ALTOS please remember you have been divided into two groups and make sure you know which notes you are supposed to sing.

Here's a link to a group of mature singers performing this arrangement - they really look like they are having a great time.

Here's a fun version by some young people - they really get it - enjoy

Rhythm of life - MEN - please pay very careful attention to the accents on page 6 and the crescendo in the second and fourth measure of letter E. Also practise pronouncing the words at letter H until they are crisp and clear with a tiny separation between the syllables in "new sen-sa-tion" "con-gre-ga-tion" and "op-er-a-tion" - for those who read - be sure they are all staccato.

Please be sure you all have the correct lyrics at letter F.

Ladies - practise saying the words crisply and clearly until you find yourself saying them without looking. - ESPECIALLY letter G and H.

Here's the link to the performance I was telling you about:

It's a little different than our arrangement, but we can learn so much about diction, singing quality, and tight rhythms. It is really excellent. Something to try to emulate.

Soon and very soon- Ladies - review page 5 measures 39 - 44, men - review 41-45.

Men when you are looking at 46 - follow the direction of the notes carefully. It's very easy to fall into the melody. Basses will need to be very, very strong on page 7. (Tenors - do not learn this page, I want you to harmonize the melody instead- so you will actually sing the same as 24 - 35 - for those who read music - it's up a tone.) - not to worry tenors - I'll work through this at the next rehearsal.

The Night is Young - WOW - this sounds like it was written just for you. I'm posting a link the Trudy sent to me which has the choral arrangement performed very nicely. They have done the beginning with soloists but the rest is just as written in the music.

Gonna Build a Mountain - everyone should review from beginning to letter E. We are going to finish the piece on Monday.

Here's a really outstanding example of musical choral singing and it isn't in English - but this is an example of what I strive for someday for any choir I direct. Listen for the outstanding dynamics and nuance to the words.

Have a great week everyone.


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