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Worthy of Note

What a great rehearsal today. It's not easy standing on those risers for a whole rehearsal. But it is certainly worth it.

There is no question that the NoteWorthy Singers is 'worthy of note'. I am looking forward to directing you on Thursday. I believe the audience will be in for a very entertaining concert. I can hardly believe that I have so little to fret about. I should sleep very well for the next few nights.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I'm sure each of you will have those little spots that you can probably sing a little better. A little review between now and Thursday won't hurt. (I will be doing some practising myself)

I hope you all have a wonderful time on Thursday. You have earned it. Now's the time to share what we love.

Congratulations everyone.

See you at 12:20 pm.


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