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What beautiful sound!

Thank you to those who were at rehearsal this week. We got a lot done and it was so nice to take those beautiful sounds home with me - it's like a gift of encouragement when those moments happen. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

NEWS FLASH ---"We have 7 rehearsals until our Christmas concert" --- NEWS FLASH

Here's some helpful things you can do to make the task easier.

1. Read and reread the text for all of our repetoire. - surprisingly its not the notes that we stumble over in the end it's the words.

2. If you know of specific areas that you are not sure of, mark them in your music and if we don't rehearse them, please ask and we can review the "problem spots"

3. Practise correct sitting and breathing - a couple minutes in the morning and at night are a great way to relax and to remind yourself of the "singing breath'.

We will be singing Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning at the singout next week. Everyone should know their parts and words by now.

Well done on " It's Beginning Too Look A Lot Like Christmas!" Some tricky harmonies for the tenors, but you are doing well. (BTW - great attendance by the tenors this week!) Please reivew parts and words as much as possible.

A Christmas Canon is a beautiful song - beautiful in its simplicity - you can review your parts with the music at the web-site. For the Altos - the notes for the second page harmony are on the part 1 recording - with careful listening and following the music, you will hear them (remember to listen and sing to "doo" very quietly to learn your part.)

I have no doubt that you will become more "Joyful" by the time Christmas comes and I Saw Three Ships will take on "the joy of the season". Well done.

So next week - we must finish - It's Beginning to Look, I Saw Three Ships, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and start Home for the Holidays, learn the next 3 verses of We Wish You a Merry Christmas and start Sleigh Ride and Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.

Have a great week everyone!


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