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Even on a Tuesday

Thanks everyone for the wonderful turn out yesterday. Even with so many committed to other things on a Tuesday, we had a great rehearsal and made some really beautiful sounds.

I am so priviledged to work with such dedicated and committed singers.

We accomplished a great deal yesterday. Keep Your Lamps is coming along quite well. It will be ready for a 'public debut' at our October singout.

I really liked the arrangement of I Saw Three Ships. It is so suited to your voices and a quick learn. The challenge will be to make it effective with dynamics and careful production of the vowel sounds.

If you have time this week, please read the lyrics (and look at the notes if you read music) of It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas as many times as possible. The notes will not be the greatest challenge in this piece, - it will be the words. So pleeeeeaaaaaase read them as much as possible.

Today's mail just arrived and I received a new book that I had ordered on line. The title?

"Rejuvenating Senior Voices - enhancing the sound and confidence of mature choirs."

Guess what I'm doing this week!!! - and you might be doing for the next several months;-)

Have a great week everyone. - I heard snow by the end of the week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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