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We have made it

We've made it to the end of another season.

I hope you all enjoyed the venue for our concert yesterday.

There are so many musical moments in the program.

How Can I Keep from singing is definitely the highlight. The lovely legato lines and shaping are so musical. It's what we strive for several other pieces.

Peace Like a River is really well done (although I would rather you didn't "pee" in the first verse.)

You sing is so confidently - there is real music happening here - great lines, good contrast in dynamics, notes are very secure - and - you look at me when you sing it.

Friends forget your cares - really solid entrances - the words are coming through and I really like the entrance of each section in the second line. Remember to watch for the change in dynamics and crescendo into the last section (where the piano accompaniment changes).

The last 3 times you sang the intro to Get Happy - it was absolutely spectacular. If you can do this on Sunday, it will be the perfect opening. Please - check the those tricky rhythms in the last section.

Everythings Coming up Roses - sung with great enthusiasm - all you need is to feel the beat.

California Dreamin' - nice sound Altos - I would ask that you really think about shaping the long notes . Everyone else - practise turning to the left ;-)

Londonderry Air - your notes are accurate and the diction is very clear AND you sing with some very nice dynamics. We need to feel that "tick tick tick" inside to get it perfectly together and sing with a smooth legato line. It's getting better and better. I know you are capable of it because I've heard it at rehearsal.

Moonlight Serenade - nice soft sound - just try to feel the groove and connect everything together.

Chattenooga - written for you - great job - I promise on the end I will go - f, mf, p, ff

Happy and Everything is Beautiful - excellent - the perfect way to end this wonderful program

Congratulations everyone - as you can see I'm being really picky, but it is only suitable that a choir with your potential, work to the best of their musical ability. It is going to be a "Very Happy" afternoon of music. I'm really looking forward to it.

Have a great week everyone!


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