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The Last week

Thank you for your efforts to sell tickets for the upcoming concert. We are slowly getting there.

There are still some who have not taken any tickets and we still have 120 tickets.

The good news is that the total proceeds we have received to date is enough to lower the choir fees to $70.00 per person for next year. If we all pitch in and sell everything that's out there as well as those not distributed, we'll be able to keep the choir fees where they are currently.

Please return all unsold tickets on Monday so that we have an accurate number for Sunday.

The final order for the concert is posted on the front page of the web-site. It promises to be a very entertaining and "Happy" concert. Please keep reviewing your music

Don't forget - rehearsal at Grandview Baptist on Monday - start promptly at 1:00 pm.

Concert day - you may enter the church NOT BEFORE 1:20 pm. We will begin rehearsal at 1:30 promptly.

Have a great week everyone

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