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I am sooooooo happy...

What a great rehearsal yesterday!!! I was exhausted by the end and I heard that many of you were a little tired too. That's a good thing! I hope you all enjoyed the exciting sounds that are developing. You will all be well prepared for this concert and that will make for a fun afternoon of singing and entertaining.

I hope you will all have some time this week to review some of what we have accomplished. Here' a summary of the key points from yesterday's rehearsal.

1. Everything is Beautiful - at measures 19 - 22, the altos will sing the middle note. Gentlemen please remember the important timing at measures 23. Second sopranos - do not sing measures 27 and 28 and be ready to sing measures 29 and 30 strongly. (ensemble sopranos sing 1st soprano).

Other alto changes - measure 36, 44 - middle note only.

Remember measures 61 - 67 are a repetition of 35 - 42 and this is repeated again. Trouble spot - page 9. (I'll go over this again next week).

2. Get Happy - please review 1st alto and 2nd alto parts in this. We finished page 10 - end of the piece. Please be careful of the rhythm on page 11. From 81 to the end, repetition in a new key. CAUTION : measure 89 - a looney for me with everytime someone sings in the rest!!! I will review page 15 - it needs a little tightening up.

3. Everything's Coming up Roses - please review all of the changes. Be sure you have them marked on your music. Review measures 53 and 54. Second soprano - please review the last page. Stay on the middle note to protect your voice.


Plans for next rehearsal: Lake Isle of Innisfree - If everyone could listen to their parts BEFORE the rehearsal, you will learn it very quickly and save so much rehearsal time that can be used polishing everything else.

Last page - Get Happy

Last page - Roses

Happy - entire choir - sing to memory - ensemble???

little work on page 8/9

California Dreamin' - balancing parts and bringing out the melody.

Peace Like a River - pages 5-9. Please listen to your parts for the entire piece.

Moonlight Serenade - measures 151 -160, measures 173-180.

Everything is Beautiful - last page.

Thanks so much for being you. It's such a pleasure working with all of you. You are quite a team.


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