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Everything's Coming up Roses

It sure is! Just a terrific rehearsal on Monday. So much accomplished and so much effort on everyone's part. You make me want to work harder.

There were lot's of changes on Monday, and the 40 singers that were at Parkside on Wednesday, got the first change perfectly. Don't forget the additions to Friends Forget Your Cares when you are practising. It make all of the difference.

Everything's Coming up Roses is going to be the perfect opening for our concert. You need to review the changes to measures 8- 15, 99 - 106 (Lynn's solo) and 107 - 114. I'm asking the second sopranos to keep listening to the last page and make sure you are NOT trying to hit the high notes - it's not good for your health and if you strain, you could make it very difficult to sing the rest of the concert. If you can't sing the second soprano part, just drop out from measure 137 - the end. I was very pleased that you sang most of the changes correctly at the end of the rehearsal. Way to go.

Everytime we work on " Happy" I become more convinced that it is going to be great fun for the audience and especially for the younger members of the audience. I would ask the ensemble to keep working on those words - it will work is it's memorized. Everyone else needs to be able to sing their parts without the music. We did it on Monday so I know you will be able to do it for the concert.

Get Happy - we reviewed the notes of page 9. Please keep reviewing this piece from the beginning. If you have time, listen to pages 10 - 13 - it will save a lot of time when we learn it.

On Monday, we will do the following.

1. Finish Get Happy

2. Everything is Beautiful - review measures 11 - 22. Learn measures 27 - 51

3. Lake Isle of Innisfree - pages 2 - 8.

I know this is a lot of work but it's worth it. The more prepared we are for the concert, the more we all enjoy performing. For our new members, I can assure you, you are in for an exciting, uplifting musical experience when we perform. There is really nothing like it.

Start selling those tickets. We've have always had a full house and I'm sure we will have one again this year. It's just 6 tickets per person.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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