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The best choir in the world

Again I say to each of you, thankyou. You worked so hard on Monday and this rehearsal

was certainly tough but really worth it. You are all amazing for just hanging in there. The hard stuff is pretty well over. I know you want concert to be the "best it can be".

Londonderry air - WOW - some really musical moments in the first verse - especially from the sopranos. The parts are all there and quite strong. I can tell you are really trying to be musical with this pieceand there are some very musical moments. Our challenge is to maintain the beauty and apply it to the second verse. - I know it's going to be my favourite

Happy -" just keep dancin" - this is not about beautiful music. It's meant to be fun and entertaining. I know the children will be impressed with their " grandparents' generation".

Just keep listening to verse 1 and 2. I trust that you will be able to memorize the text . I'll finish the last few pages on Monday.

Moonlight Serenade - You've got it! We just need to feel the groove and sing together. Remember to use your best singing techniques. Basses - be careful to sing the harmony at measures153 ( and the other places it repeats). I'm really excited about this song. (It provides some great personal memories for me - and I would suspect many who hear you sing it)

Get Happy - please review the introduction and measures 38 - 69. The exciting this is, the rest of the song is a repetition of the parts you have already learned and sung (a few of the rhythms are different but not the notes). Hooray! - now we can make music.

Everything is coming up Roses - Please listen to measures 49- 63 as many times as you can. That is a really difficult few bars - but keep trying I know we can do it. Also review 63 - 99. There will be a few changes on page 10 sooooo.... that means another 2 rehearsals and we'll be sailin.

Lake Isle of Innisfree - I ran out of time but please review measures 70 -99.

So all of this means - on Monday we will

finish Get Happy, and

learn the notes of the last few pages of Happy and

work on final section of Innisfree

and make some changes to Roses.


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