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The hard parts are almost over.

We sure ploughed through a lot of tough music yesterday. I know it seems really difficult right now but in about 2 weeks, the really hard parts will all have been mastered and the rest is easy and will go together quickly. Thanks so much for your attention and focus. I am really excited about our April concert. It is going to be the best yet.

Here's a summary of what we worked on yesterday and an idea of what is to come.

1. Happy - review first and second verses - keep listening to the recording. There are only15 bars of notes left to learn. Everything else is a repetition of the first section --- we'll have lots of time to get the 'groove on'.

2. Moonlight Serenade - measures 173 to 180 are really tricky - (it's almost as hard as the harmonies in Colours last year). It might take two or three rehearsals to learn these 7 bars but the good news is the notes for the rest is simiply measures 148 - 160 twice.

3. Get Happy - review the notes in measure 38 - 41 - please listen to the recording of your own part.

Also please review the introduction by listening to your parts. We have pages 9 and 10 left to learn. The good news here - page 11 is composed of patterns repeated from the first 8 pages.

4. The Lake Isle of Innisfree - we made real progress on this piece today. Measures 1 - 39. Next week we'll block out measures 70 - the end. This is going to be a really beautiful piece of music about the beginning of April ;-)

5. That leaves 2 pieces of music Everything's coming up roses, and Everything is Beautiful. The good news here - Everything is Beautiful is only 5 pages to learn (everything else is repetition). Roses is coming along nicely, but it is probably the most work to get ready for the concert.

We already have Peace Like a River, Friends, Londonderry Air, California Dreamin, How Can I Keep From Singing.

We've really accomplished a lot in such a short time. Well done. Keep singin'

See you all next week.


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