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So close to perfection

You may remember my comment about a dream of perfect attendance someday. Well this week we came so close. (I knew the room looked exceptionally full!). This week we achieved a 3% absenteeism. Thank you all so much for your dedication. You are sounding great and just getting better and better. I hope you are as excited about the music as I am. AND we got so much done.

Here's a quick summary of what you could review this week should you find yourself with extra time on your hands. ;-)

1. Get Happy - Beginning to measure37. ( I love the enthusiasm with which you sing these 37 bars.) Check Wednesday or Thursday to hear recordings of your parts.

2. Moonlight Serenade - 149 - 172. NOTE: 181-192 different words to the same notes.

3. Lake Isle of Innisfree - measures 1 - 39 - notes and text. Your will find it helpful to read the text several times. Visualize the pictures your are portraying musically.

4. California Dreamin - Altos - congrats - I can tell you have been working on the second verse, it is much stronger and more confident than two weeks ago. Men I know you enjoy singing this, but remember your real challenge is to listen to the sopranos and balance your part. Sopranos - keep listening, it will get stronger as you feel more confident.

5. Everything's coming up Roses. -

Tenors - please keep reviewing the opening pages - you're doing very well with it, but it will leave you quickly if your not reviewing it.

Measures 49- 65 - sorry I started this at the end of rehearsal - it's hard to concentrate on new notes when you are tired and you worked so hard, I could tell the choir was really tired. If your listen to this section a few times, I'm sure you will get it.

Once we get to measure 99, the rest is based on repetitions.

Next Week,

We finish Moonlight Serenade! ( use it at the singout in February).

Roses - measure 49 - 99

Danny Boy - musical lines - listen to the recording on this page (it's beautiful)

Get Happy - we'll review 38 - 41 and learn notes to measure 63.

Lake Isle of Innisfree - review to measure 39, new - 40 to 55

Have a great week everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day. Je t'aime.



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