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A very exciting week

Another outstanding rehearsal this week. I can't tell you how rewarding it is when everyone is focused on improving. We finally have a manageable absentee rate. (between 10% and 12 % each week) Before Christmas it was 20% - 25% each week.

Having almost everyone present is the reason that we can make such improvements.

And for the first time this year, we had a good turn out at the sing out this week -over 50 singers. Before Christmas (with the exception of Dec.) we had between 22 and 35 singers.

Your presentation at Luther Village was really well received. Some outstanding singing and a good effort on the two new pieces - they are works in progress, but not to worry, a few more rehearsals and we'll be making music (not just singing the notes).

Here's a refresher on what we worked on this week

1. Review of Friends forget your cares - well done. Tapping the beat is the key here. The ensemble gets tighter and tighter. - really well done at Luther Village

2. How can I keep from singing - keep the phrases as legato as possible. The second verse chorus still needs review - remember, it is not the same as the chorus after the first verse. As you are practising, try to create a musical line to each 4 bar phrase. This was sung beautifully at Luther Village

3. Londonderry Air - feel the stresses of the 4 beat bar, so that the music moves forward in a simplistic folk-like manner. - I'll post a really good recording on this page. Watch for it - it's what we are aiming for. For it to be really effective, it should be memorized so that the focus is on the music and not on the page. - good attempt for a first performance.

4. Peace Like a River - I've run out of ways to explain how to sing the first verse and still can't get it right. We do have extra music for the concert, so I may take it out of the program. It's one of those pieces that is beyond my musical capabilities to teach. Still thinking about it.

5. Everything's coming up roses - great work - we'll keep practising different ways to find the first chord - it is getting to be more solid every week. We looked at the notes of measures 49 - 98. It would be really helpful if you could review those notes.

6. California Dreamin' - tapping the beat is essential to get it together. This is one of those pieces that needs a lot of ensemble singing. Good work - I hope everyone realizes you took a new piece of music, learned and performed it in 3 weeks - quite an achievement for this group.

As for what's coming up

This week, we'll look at Get Happy - measures 18 - 33.

Londonderry Air- lighten the sound, work on pulsing the text and singing long phrases.

Happy - chanting - measures 6 - 20, measures 38 - 53.

Everything's coming up Roses - review of last week.

California Dreamin' - singing while tapping the eighth notes. Balance the soprano and men's voices. ( ladies louder, men softer)

Moonlight Serenade (kings of swing) - measures 148 - 172

WOW - isn't this exciting - lot's of great music and wonderful people to sing it.

Life is grand!!!



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