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What a great day!

Thanks to everyone who organized our luncheon yesterday. It was so nice to be able to relax, talk and just enjoy friends old and new.

And what a rehearsal - I'm thinking maybe we should feed you every week. Did we ever get a lot done. WOW - you are all wonderful. As a choir, you are getting better and better every rehearsal. What a treat for me to see such growth!

Just in case you forgot what happened yesterday, here's a reminder.

1. California Dreamin' - we know all of the notes now. Keep reviewing your part with the music and remember to listen and watch before you try to sing. We are singing this on January 28. Look up every 2 bars.

2. Londonderry air - many of you are obviously doing your homework - the notes are getting stronger and stronger and the quality of the sound is becoming more consistent. As long as the shape of the vowel is correct, we are ready to make music with this piece. (and it's still January). When practising, remember to look up every 2 bars. (better yet, try to remember as much as possible).

3. Friends forget your cares - we are singing these words with the accompaniement from Christmas. It is wise to check the accuracy of the 2nd and 3rd lines every once in a while with the recording. When we know something well, it's easy to make careless errors.

4. Everything's comin up Roses - Well Done! - keep working toward accuracy.

5. Happy - first two pages - notes are getting better. The chorus - with small group (please remember who you are) - excellent - please memorize from measure 21 - 38.

So what's next?

Next week- we will review Peace like a river - REMEMBER measures 4-19

Review How can I Keep from singing

Everything's coming up roses - measures 49 - 98

Happy - mesures 38 - 53

Review - Chattanooga and Anything Goes.

If time we will start Get Happy measures 18 - 33

Have a good week, everyone


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