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A New Season Begins

Now that Christmas and New Years are over, we are on our way to spring.

We are happy to welcome new members to our group, - Marlene Weigel, Helen Noseworthy, Sandy Collins, Rick Collins, Helen Brazelot, Ruth Cressman and Linda Janke.

I hope you enjoy making music with the NoteWorthy Singers.

Our annual concert is going to be here before you know it. So we will have to work really hard in order to be ready and live up to the standard you have set for this choir. I'll try summarize our rehearsas here every week so that you can use it to review what we have done or get caught up if you have been away.

This was a great rehearsal this week - some magical sounds. Once the tenors got going, it change the whole sound of the choir.

Please review these things.

1. Peace Like a River - verse 1 - sing peace for a full beat placing the "s" on the word when the conductor indicates such. Watch for places where there is NO BREATH and remember the beautiful crescendo in measure 11. Also as you are driving around town try to practise saying "lovvvvvvvvvvvvve"

2. Londonderry Air - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - I'm begging - listen to the recordings and learn your parts for verse 1 (verse 2 ) is the same. Please learn the notes, not the words. We want to make the lines as legato (very smooth) as possible.

3. Everything's coming up roses - we can now sing the notes from the beginning to measure 45 - try to listen to your parts a few times so that next week we can move on to another section.

4. How Can I Keep From Singing - working on singing in a very legato style and reinforce the notes in the second verse - page 5 measures 35-43.

5. Happy - were learning the words to the melody - pages 2, 3, 4, 5 - when listening, be really careful to follow the rythms carefully.

6.California Dreamiin' - measure 45 to the end - Note: measures 4 -36 are basic repititions of the notes already learned.

Have a great week everyone - looking forward to our luncheon next week.


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