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What a great week

It's been busy this week, but well worth it.

Monday's rehearsal was just great. Please keep listening to your parts. As you are hearing, every little detail that we can clean up makes such a difference to the music we are able to create.

A huge thank you to those who were present at the singout on Wednesday. The quarters were a little tight - but the acoustic (at least for me was awesome). You really sounded great. It was crowded and it was hot - but Trudy sent me this note that sums it all up ...

As Paul, Linda and I were loading the equipment into their van, a woman came out and thanked us for coming today. She said her mother had been here since July and wasn't happy, hadn't smiled, but today, she smiled for the first time AND sang along. ...the power of music :)

Every resident who heard you, was touched. (I've included some wonderful pictures on the membership page- thanks to Marilyn for taking them).


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