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  • Terry

Nov. 10

What a fantastic rehearsal! Thank you all for working so hard.

There were so many special moments in yesterday's rehearsal, but I think it was all "pulled together" in the Little Drummer Boy. From the warm, rich, blended sound of the altos, the clear open sound of the soprano's (with all of the long vowels) and the musical clarity of the men - we are growing to a new level.

Our big challenge in the next 3 rehearsals is to develop this sound consistently through all of the pieces. There are notes that aren't quite there yet and you can really help yourself and the whole choir but reviewing the parts you are not sure of. (in particular, please listen to Winterwonderland and Santa Claus is coming to town.)

I'm very excited about the potential of your Christmas program. It's going to be wonderful.

I'm so glad we will have it in video format so you will be able to see yourselves.

Looking forward to next rehearsal



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