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Happy Thanksgiving

We have accomplished so much in the 5 short rehearsals we have had this season.

I think everyone is feeling the excitement that comes from achieving great music.

Sopranos, please remember that we now have two sections - 1st soprano and 2nd soprano. Please do not switch sections. I will make some changes as the balance developes.

Altos have been voiced and assigned a seating place. Please stay in these places until I make further changes and I will. If someone is away, just leave their seat empty so that I know who's away. (It also helps me learn everyones name)

Gentlemen - what an achievement! the sound is developing further - more relaxed and rich. Please remember wherever you are and whenever you sing, NEVER let yourself strain. We will build volume when we have a consistent unforced sound.

You can make rehearsals even more effective...

If you must miss a rehearsal, please be sure to check with your neighbour for any markings that were added to the music during the rehearsal (before we start).

I beg your consideration of me and your fellow choir members. It wastes everyones time when I have to keep repeating things that should be marked and followed.

From October 6 -

1. We worked on creating a rich musical line on the first 3 pages of How Can I Keep from Singing. (Performing this October 29)

2. Second soprano notes in Peace Like a River.

First soprano notes in Peace Like a River.

Everyone should be able to sing their own parts for the entire piece. (we are performing this

October 29) - keep listening to these tapes.

3. First 25 bars of Everything's coming up Roses - working on notes - especially the first ones.

4. Friends forget your cares - awesome - you sang it as a four part round - wow. - NOW,

5. Finally you should have picked up your Christmas music. We start it October 22.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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