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Rehearsal Sept 29

Thanks everyone for another great rehearsal. Sadly, we had 20 percent of the choir absent on Monday. It must have been the weather. It was a really beautiful day.

I hope our new members had a chance to meet your fellow singers during our social.

I can tell everyone is really enjoying the music. You work so hard, you raise the temperature in the room at least 10 degrees. (the K of C will appreciate that in the winter but it's much harder to regulate the air conditioning)

We are really clipping along. How can I keep from singing is part of our sing out this week.

There's still lots to refine but already you are making beautiful music.

If you were not able to join us this week, we worked on the following;:

How can I keep from singing: - complete

Peace Like a River - from the beginning to measure 67 - our goal is to sing this Oct 29.

Everything's coming up roses - measures 5 - 8

Friends Forget Your Cares - with words on page 2.

I hope everyone is well and safe, and that those on holiday are enjoying their trips.

See you Monday.



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