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Great rehearsal

Another great rehearsal this week. Every week we accompish more and more. It's so exciting and stimulating to work with such an interested and hard working choir. I can only hope that all of you feel some of the excitement that you direct toward me.

There were so many musical moments in yesterdays rehearsal

- the second section of How Can I Keep from Singing was beautiful. It was well balanced and beautifully shaped

- the sound the men produced in Amazing Grace was warm and focused - something we work at all the time

- and what can I say about Colours of My Life - WOW - that should cover it ;-)

For anyone who wants to review the material we worked on or for those who were not able to join us, here's a brief summary of yesterdays rehearsal

How Can I Keep form Singing - measures 27 - 35 - analyse the voicing - know who is singing your part. (this is on the program for October 1)

Peace Like a River - measures 52 -66

Friends Forget Your Cares - complete canon

Everything's Coming Up Roses -

Please check with your singing neighbour and see if they are on-line. They may need your help in obtaining recordings of the rep. Perhaps you or a friend could copy the files on to a CD for them.

Finally , if you didn't notice, I placed the Oct 1 program on the home page.

Have a great week everyone and thanks again.

Lot's of love (LOL) Terry

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